Pretend, from script to screen.

All-in-one Screenwriting and Video Editing.

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All the tools to develop your Story.


Write or import your screenplay inside of Pretend's automated Screenplay Editor.

Shot Lining

Line your shots directly onto your script to start planning for production.

Story Groups

Story Groups create folders for your different scenes and shots so you can stay organized.

Video Editing

Import your footage and edit your videos using Pretend's multiple editing tools.

Text & Titles

Easily add text and titles to your videos. You can also animate them using keyframes!

Audio Control

Adjust the volume of any audio track and easily add fades using keyframes.

Aspect Ratio

Export your video in landscape or portait mode using the aspect ratio of your choice.


Apply different types of transitions between your video clips to add style to your videos.

4k Video

Pretend lets you color and edit footage in 4K resolution.

Register to download Pretend for free.


Terms & Conditions   No credit card required.

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format_quoteI directed my first short film using Pretend and I loved it. It helped me stay organized and keep all my material in one place."

- Tanna Fiore,

format_quoteAmazing customer service and great platform! I'm surprised nothing existed like this before..."

- Greg Kirsh,
Film Student

format_quoteWhether you're writing or editing (or both), we want to provide a story-development hub for all of your filmmaking projects."

- Allen Edwards,


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